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Tranås at the Fringe is a multidisciplinary arts festival in the charming small town of Tranås, Sweden.

For eight days, artists from Sweden and other countries from different disciplines in art, film, literature, and dance meet and put on about 100 events. Presenting various performances in hotel lobbies, cafés, restaurants, pubs, libraries, on the street, in theatre premises, music venues and in outdoor cafés is a model that the festival has developed over several years. All to open the world of art to new curious audiences and offer original, spontaneous, eventful, fast-paced and inspiring experiences where the boundary between those who perform and those who are spectators is blurred to create closeness between professionals and amateurs, between practitioners and audiences.


The festival offers closeness to the performer, mingling, informal meetings and spontaneous conversations for  participants, students and audiences, both local and international. It promotes and creates collaboration opportunities, exchanges, network dialogue, skill development, meeting places, opportunities to perform and more! Through the length of the festival, we want to make it possible for participants, both performers and audiences, to get to know each other and create connections that last for a long time.

Dates 2024:

29th June - 6th July


Colm Ó Ciárnain

Dominic Williams


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