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new nordic connections

for a new reality

"New Nordic Connections For A New Reality (NNCFANR)” is picking up the thread after the completed “Mobile Nordic Fringe Incubator” upstart project in 2018 and the successful launch of the “Nordic Fringe Season” where we presented 12 Nordic Fringe Network acts at Brighton Fringe Festival in 2019. 


NNCFANR is expected to be  launched in October 2021. The main objectives of this project are:

  • Sustainable post-pandemic touring opportunities for artists - create and manifest a model for sustainable touring within the Nordic region post-pandemic. 

  • Implement and promote the Fringe concept in the Nordic region - Fringe is a playground for artists to explore and experiment with new and different forms of creative expression, a space to collaborate and expand their own artistry without being bound to one genre. This approach results in inventive performances that attract a widespread audience.

  • Represent the Nordic region at international Fringes & Industry gatherings.

We will create Nordic showcases that will be presented at other international Fringe festivals. We also aim to host the World Fringe Congress in 2024. NFN wants to take an active part in the cultural debate and dialogue across our region, and beyond. Our mission is to advocate for and elevate emerging Nordic artists and narratives that bring our unique perspectives to the table.

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