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NFN is part of World Fringe (WF), with over 300 Fringe festivals across the globe. WFN launched as a subsidiary of the World Festival Network in 2012 and organises and facilitates one-to-one meetings, conversation and spreading the word about existing Fringe Festivals, as well as consulting with new and developing Fringes. It hosts networking events, conferences, talks and workshops on where to go and how to get involved. It offers advice on who's who, what’s on where and how it can be useful. World Fringe educates the festival sector and audiences on the importance of ‘Fringe’.

The Mission of World Fringe
For the benefit of artists, performers and audiences, World Fringe operates to unite, strengthen & and connect the Fringe Festival Sector and global Fringe community through introduction, communication, education and the dissemination of information.


The United States Association of Fringe Festivals (USAFF) was formed to bring the nations' festivals together to share ideas and best practices in order to grow the art of Fringe.


The mission of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) is to unite, support, empower and strengthen member festivals in order to cultivate and foster independent artistic exploration for artists and audiences across North America.

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