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It's a wrap!

The last few days of our global artist call brought out the talent of the woodworks!

801 artists from 45 countries got involved in our first-ever (and hopefully the very last) “Mid-pandemic-artist-call.”

That’s a massive response, considering how uncertain the reality is for many people in our industry.

We want to thank ALL artists for taking your time and effort to fill in our torturous application form!

Not unexpectedly, the top 3 most popular genres are:

1. Theatre

2. Dance

3. Stand-Up Comedy

Followed by:

4. Performance

5. Music

6. Digital and Visual Art

More than half of the acts have declared a readiness to participate remotely if need be. This shows how adaptable our talent is!

Nearly half of all the applicants are returning Nordic Fringe Network - NFN member festival veterans!

We're thrilled to learn more about your new work! Our host city teams will now embark on the epic programming journey. A process that aims to deliver a whole new set of exciting fringe experiences for audiences across the Nordics and beyond!

See you in Bergen, Gothenburg, Lahti, Reykjavik, Stockholm & Turku!

Ps. A bunch of the festivals are due to do their own, national intakes. Stay tuned for individual updates across the network!

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