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The Young Fringe Producers Project is a collaboration between Gothenburg Fringe, Reykjavík Fringe and Bergen Fringe festivals, created with the aim to provide a platform for the exchange of expertise, staff, content and to ensure a sustainable working model for young festival producers.


All three events are run mostly by young professionals in the arts industry, who are driven to provide a --both literal and metaphorical-- platform for local and international artists to perform at a variety of venues, learn from other artists and build an international network.

Creating a pool of skilful people working with tech, media or producing and giving them the opportunity to travel to the different festivals will make things easier for all festival teams as they don’t have to spend time on finding committed people and instead can rely on the skills and experience from other young professionals.
The aim of this project is to make these festivals a viable choice for young professionals in the arts industry. and will focus on three actions.

The project has received funding from

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