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CPH STAGE is Denmark's largest performing arts festival for professional adult theatre and takes place every year at the end of May / beginning of June in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Over 10 days, you can experience both the highlights and the range of Danish theatre right now and see international tour hits. The festival is an opportunity to be surprised and try new ways in the Danish theatre landscape. In addition to the performances, CPH STAGE offers events, readings, debates, seminars, parties and much more.


CPH STAGE is an open theatre festival for professional adult theatre. This means that the performances at the festival are selections of the participating theatres and groups themselves. The festival took place for the first time in 2013 and is founded by the theatres Husets Teater, Teater GROB, Sort / Hvid (the then Cafe Teatret) and Teater V. In addition to the participating theaters, CPH STAGE collaborates with numerous other actors in the field of culture.

Festival dates 2024: May 30th - June 8th

CPH Stage is now part of the BNFN 2024 artist call. Please visit for more info about the festival intake. 

Festival team:

Morten Krogh, Sarah Sarina Rommedahl & Karen Toftegaard

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