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Tallinn Fringe Festival started in 2016 under the name ''Boom Chika Wau Wau'' and has now morphed into the Tallinn Fringe Festival (TFF)
It was created due to a lack of exposure, accessible venues and stage time for emerging artists in Estonia.
We are Estonia's only Fringe Festival. We are uncurated, for all genres, for all audiences.


The festival runs at the same time as Talveöö, an established traditional theatre festival that is held biennially in December. TFF is held yearly.


We have an open application process.

Shows suitable for the festival are low tech, easy setup, big bang style performances from Estonia and the Baltic, Nordic regions. Other international shows are welcome to apply. We look forward to welcoming more and more shows as the festival develops its funding partners.


TFF widens audiences horizons by offering performances from diverse genres and backgrounds, from artists who are still forging their professional pathway. 


The festival was set up by Dan Renwick who runs Heldeke!, a vaudeville style theatre in Tallinn. He's resided in Estonia since 2010.
Dan has studied circus and theatre, runs the TaDaa! Street Performance Festival, Estonian Circus Convention, has built a wooden show tent and continues to perform outdoor, indoor and online under his artists name Dan le Man


For the latest festival happenings, go to

Dates 2024:

18th Aug - 18th Sept


Dan Renwick, Festival Director

Katrin Tegova, Media

Tõnis Aaliste, Volunteer Co-ordinator


Heldeke! Theater


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