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Zagare Fringe Festival first took place in 2015 when Zagare was the Lithuanian Capital of Culture, and is a biennial Festival. The 2023 Festival will take place on 12th - 14th May 2023.
The Zagare Fringe Festival acknowledges and celebrates the fact that music, theatre and the arts are so valuable in their ability to reach across language, political and geographical borders, and bring whole communities together on a journey of discovery and enrichment.  The town of Zagare is a small Northern Lithuanian town on the Latvian border, with a current population of approx. 1300, rich in history, located amongst beautiful nature, and with an emerging international and artistic community integrating into the future footprint of the town. 


Zagare is a unique town, with an artistic soul,  with the feel of ‘time stood still’. It isn’t near a motorway, nor a railway line. Zagare is in a regional park with an island feel. Those who visit, intend to. Those who visit, return.


The Festival provides a unique and exploratory platform for contemporary culture to inspire and develop in this welcoming small town environment by presenting a weekend of events, featuring a variety of artistic activities, concerts, performances, exhibitions and educational workshops covering a wide range of genres.  It breaks down the barrier that usually left contemporary culture in the urban domain, and brings it into a rural area, reaching, inviting and touching a new audience, and providing a fresh outlook for artists alike.

Dates: Zagare Fringe will return in the spring of 2025. 


Sarah Mitrikė - Festival Director

Aistė Tuminaitė - Orlauskė - Artistic Director

Diana Sičiovienė - Project Manager

Jonas Gricius - Artistic Director - Theatre/Dance

Andrius Petkauskas - Tech Coordinator



Lithuanian Culture Ministry


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